DSS Silo 31

Wait wait!  I’m still here, still working!  Honest!

So, yeah.  Been a while since I released anything new huh?  Well here’s the reason why…

Silo 31!

I really should have used a much bigger font, huh?  Lot of build up for P1 is all I’m saying.

Anyhow I’ve been working on the silo for ages.  I think I got up to the mid-50s on the version numbers for the mesh peices.  I stopped recording them at 31, hence the name.  So what is the Silo?  Well at it’s heart it’s a storage system.  A strappy, slidey, storage system:


Using Silo 31

The Silo is somewhat different than my other gear.  It turns out that I’ve got it scripted so much that nearly every surface has a clickable function, so I added a separate control panel to activate the main menu:

Clicking the menu button will open my familiar looking pop up menu though:

If this is your Silo then you’ll also see a [Settings] button which I’ll cover later. For now let’s focus on these three:

{Btn - Scan} Scans the surrounding area for potential captives – that is
anyone with an active relay except the person clicking the
scan button. For that we have…
{Btn - Self Bondage} Clicking this will cause the Silo to try and grab you. If it’s
able to do so it will set a random timer and hold you till
then.And no, of course you can’t see the timer 🙂
{Btn - Close} Exactly what it says.  Clicking this closes the menu and
releases the script resources in use.

Once you’ve got a captive the menu options change to something like this:

{Btn - Release} Releases the captive and removes all RLV restrictions.
If the Silo is lifted up into the tube clicking [Release]
will cause it to first lower out of the tube, and then
release the captive.
{Btn - Timer} This opens a secondary menu where you can set a
delayed release to free your captive after you’ve made
good your escape.
{Btn - Close} Closes the menu pop up.

Adjusting the Silo Restraints

If you’ve familiar with me and my gadgets you’ll already know this bit and can probably sing along with me.  As it happens I’m probably way smaller than you are and since I build all my things around myself it was necessary to come up with the coolest adjustment system in all of SL which I build into all of my bondage furniture.

Seriously, it’s just stupidly cool.

Well it’s now officially cooler.

I know, right?

So, click on any restraint and a menu will appear with options.  So… Many… Options 🙂

But don’t be intimidated, it’s pretty easy actually.  The buttons control movement and sizing for the restraint the menu is currently attached to.  The straps on the left and right side work in tandem so resizing one resizes both.  Likewise moving one will move the other in the appropriate direction.

You can also adjust the position of the captive forward and backward, and up and down.

And say…  There are two more buttons on that menu aren’t there?  I wonder what they do?

Yes, I talk to myself when I’m writing this stuff 🙂

While I was working on the Silo there were periods when
Mistress would…Pitch in with various restraints, so at
times I’d have my arms bound and I started to get to
thinking that the sort of akimbo pose that I was using
limited things and so…Oh just push the style button
already would you 🙂
The Save button is a little less visually impressive,
but damn spiffy if I do say so myself.And I do :)In the course of building the Silo I had to reset prim
positions a lot. This meant readjusting five bars 13
straps, the pod, the motor, the gear, the menu, just
a lot of things each and every time.Eventually I’d
had enough and so I added the [Save]button and
now it saves the strap settings and my position. And
it does this for both of the pose styles.Sweet huh? Oh yeah, and it saves that an outside
database, so now any Silo I’m on knows my “size”
and automatically adjusts when I’m sat on it.

Not any of my Silos.  ANY SILO.  In all of SL.

It knows your settings too – or will once you get it
adjusted to fit you as snugly as you’d like, then
click the [Save] button.

The only caveat is that you’ll have to save once for
the default arms akimbo pose, and once for the snugged
arms close to the body pose since they use different
prims. Then when you sit – or are sat – on it the Silo
will know which positions to use for that configuration.

If you change your body shape and the straps are no
longer automatically adjusting properly, no sweat,
just adjust them to match your new shape and click
the [Save] button again to update the saved data.

So there’s that 🙂

Going Up – Or Down

There’s probably no way I can write this to make it “a surprise” since you’ve already seen what the Silo looks like, so yes, it  moves 🙂

The upper button controls the position of the Silo pod.  When the pod is inside the cylinder the upper button will display Extract and clicking it will move the pod out of the cylinder. Conversely when the pod is out of the cylinder the button will display Retract and clicking it will move the pod into the cylinder.

Don’t Tap On The Glass

Well, okay tap if you want to, but you can also use the intercom if you want to communicate with the captive.

[img intercom]

There are two buttons:

[img buttons]

Click the Intercom button to toggle the intercom which – when on – lets you speak to the captive.  Assuming they’re not gagged in addition to being in the Silo they can speak back.

The Lights button switches on and off the lighting in the Silo permitting – or preventing – the captive from being able to see outside.

If you’d like to see a demo there’s one in my shop in Galattica, and of course if you have any questions please feel free to drop me an IM in world.

Owner’s Manual

See? I told you I’d go into this further down and here we are, further down 🙂

{Btn - Access UD} These buttons allow the owner to control who can use
the Silo’s menu.  Access level has no effect on who can
be caught by the device, simply who can open the menu
to use it.  The options are PublicGroup – meaning
active members of the same group to which the Silo
belongs, or Owner – meaning only the device’s owner
can access the menus.
{Btn - Range UD} Set the maximum range the Silo will look for potential
{Btn - Save Pos} Saves the current position of all of the prims as the
default.  When a captive is released, or the [Reset]
button is pressed the prims will all return to this
{Btn - Self Bondage} You might recall the [Self Bondage] button on the
main screen – the one that tries to grab the person
clicking it and bind them for a random amount of time?Well the [Self Bondage] button in the [Settings]
menu is how you can limit that random amount of time.Clicking this opens a secondary timer menu which you
can use to set the maximum amount of time for the self
bondage timer.The actual time will still be randomly set some time
between 1 minute and whatever this value is set to.
{Btn - Reset} Resets all of the scripts in the Silo and returns the
prims to the last save positions.
{Btn - Main} Returns to the main menu.
{Btn - Close} Closes the menu pop up.

And that’s the Silo.  Now you see why I’ve been so busy 🙂