DSS Silo 42 Settings Menu

Settings Menu

Ahh the settings menu.  Here’s where I get all option-y 🙂

This sets who can access the Silo’s main menus.  It can be set to Public, Group, or Private.

Note, this does not grant access to the Settings menu.

The Silo stores information on the most recent 15 captives.  It uses this to recapture them when they log back in or come within range of the Silo following a non-release un-sit.

This button will clear the current list of captives.

This button opens a secondary menu that allows you to set the maximum amount of time someone using the Self-Bondage system will be held.
Increase or decrease the scan range the Silo will use when looking for potential captives. The range can…  Err, range from 10 to 90 meters and increases or decreases in 10 meter increments.
These buttons let you set the Silo ID number which is displayed on the front of the Silo.  It’s also used by the optional (and yet to come) Silo Console and Silo Status Board.
These buttons associate this Silo with a specific Console and/or Status Board (WIP).
The Silo has two isolation levels; Comms – which prevents IMs and local chat, and Total – which blocks all outside interaction.  This button allows you to set the default isolation level imposed when someone is captured.
Performs a complete script and resizer reset on the Silo.

And that’s the Settings Menu.  What say we look at the timer menus next?