The DSS Ball Gag – What You’ve Got

Let’s start with what’s in your DSS Ball Gag folder. In addition to the note card with this web page, a LM, and a pretty picture you should have two gags – DSS Ball Gag and DSS Ball Gag Loose and the oddly named DSS No Sparkles GAG HUD.

DSS Ball Gag is the actual gag. It’s worn on the mouth and does all the kinky bits. If it’s unlocked, or if the garbling is set to None this gag will turn transparent.  It’s got three scripts, one that handles the menus and security, one that handles the garbling and a few related functions, and the Real Restraints Happy Spanker Gag Interface script.

DSS Ball Gag Loose is worn around the neck and provides a way for people to access the menus when the main gag is transparent. When the garbling is turned on this gag becomes transparent and the main gag becomes visible.  You don’t have to wear the DSS Ball Gag Loose for the gag to work, it simply makes it easy to tell that you’ve got a gag on, and gives people a place to click for the menu without having to view transparent.  It’s got a single very small script.

DSS No Sparkles Gag HUD – Script sparkles.  Man I hate those things.  I’m talking about the swirling cloud of white particles that appear any time the script inside something in world chats a message.  Some viewers (yay Firestorm) have an option to prevent these loathsome things from showing up, but that’s only on your screen, not the poor victims of sparkle pollution who may be nearby.  See?  I wasn’t kidding, I really do hate the sparkles.  So much so that I did something about them.

Unless you’re a massive nerd like – oh, say me – you probably didn’t know that objects worn on your HUD can’t generate particles.  This also applies to script sparkles, which means that if, instead of the gag chatting out the garbled text, a HUD were to do it, why then there’d be no sparkles.

That’s what the DSS No Sparkles Gag HUD does.  It’s almost completely automatic.  When you wear it it will send a signal to the gag to let it know that you’re using the HUD, and it will use RLV to lock itself on your HUD.

There’s an actual reason for the RLV lock – beyond the fact that I think everything should have a RLV lock – it’s so you can’t accidentally mute yourself by removing the HUD unintentionally.  Click the HUD to unlock it, which will also send a message to the gag letting it know that you’re not using the HUD any more.  Click the HUD again and it re-locks and lets the gag know that it’s active again.

You can use the HUD or leave it off as you prefer.

Next up we actually put stuff on and do things!