Sky Mark – Settings Menu, part 1

Clicking the Settings button will open a blue pop up menu like this one:Sky Mark Menu Example

There are a bunch of functions some of which are pretty self-explanatory, some not so much.  I’ll break this into several pages and me being me I’ll explain the easy ones first.

Close – simply closes the menu.  You can use it or Ignore, but Close has the advantage that it tells the script to stop waiting for a response so it shaves a little lag off the world.

Reset – loathe as I am to admit it, despite my best efforts things will occasionally go kerflooie – sorry for the technical jargon. If the HUD starts acting strange the Reset button can be your friend. Clicking it simply forces a script reset and re-initialization.  The Sky Mark saves all of the presets and configuration so you won’t lose anything by doing a script reset.

Help – brings you to this web page.

Next up Settings Part 2 – The Page Functions.