Sky Mark – Apendix

As promised, here’s a list of the current abbreviations I’m using in the Windlight names:

Bryn Oh’s – Bryn’s
Annan Adored – Annan
Phototools – PT
Places – dropped entirely
(SS) Atmospheric – SSAtm
(SS) Atmos – SSAtm
Nacon’s Natural – N Nat
Nacon – N’s
[TOR] DUSK – T’Dsk
StrawberrySinghDotCom – Strawberry’s
Harlow Heslop: – HH

And finally a list of odd behaviors I’ve noticed and am working on.

  • Ironically given that the Sky Mark relies massively upon the RLV system, there’s a bug in  Marine Kelley’s RL Viewer, that makes it unusable with the Sky Mark – very sad indeed.  I’ve reported it to Marine and she’s confirmed it and is working on a fix for it but at the moment (the moment being late July 2015) the Sky Mark won’t work with the RL Viewer.
  • It seems that the viewer remembers the last sky setting that was selected manually, and when you teleport it switches back to that.  So for example if you use the Quick Prefs pop up to set the sky to Doomed Spaceship then save that to the Sky Mark and click the Default button, the next time you TP your sky may switch back to Doomed Spaceship.  Switching back to the default sky using a viewer control seems to break the cycle but I’m still playing with a scripted way of fixing it.
  • In the I knew that, but forgot it and panicked when someone told me that it was happening to them category.  If you switch viewers there’s an excellent chance that your Sky Mark presets won’t work.  Firestorm comes with 742 Windlight presets.  Marine Kelley’s Restrained Love viewer comes with 36. Going from the RL viewer to Firestorm you’ll be fine because all of the presets that come with RL are included with Firestorm.  Going the other way however, not so lucky.

The good news is that the Windlight presets are nothing more than formatted text files – XML formatted specifically, and you can easily copy them from one viewer to another.  There are lots of instructions on teh interswebz, but I’ve found this one to be the most straight forward.  You’ll of course need to look in the proper software folders for the viewers your using but this should get you started.