The Machine Owner’s Manual

This page covers just the Settings menu for The Machine.  Click here for the operating instructions.

So, you’ve got your own copy of The Machine and clicked on the Settings button and got this – or something very like it:
The Machine - Settings Menu


Cool!  And despite the busy look of it, the menu is pretty straight forward.  And best off all once you’ve made any changes you want to make you probably won’t ever have to look at it again…

After all the work I put into it 🙂

So, starting at the top left we have the two Access buttons.  These control who can access The Machine’s menus.  The options are:

Public – meaning anyone can access the main menus.

Group – meaning only members of the same group as The Machine is assigned to can access the main menus.

Owner – meaning only you can access the main menus.

The Settings menu is only accessible by the owner of The Machine regardless of the Access level, and naturally anyone using RLV can be captured by The Machine regardless of the Access level that’s been set.

Self Bondage – this is the one that’s a little confusing.  All of my RLV devices have a Self Bondage button on the main menu.  When someone clicks it the device will try to grab that person, and if successful it will set a random timer which of course the captive can’t see.  The Self Bondage button here on the Settings menu allows the owner – that’s you – to set an upper limit on that random timer.  In the picture above it’s set to a maximum of one hour, meaning that when someone captures them self using the Self Bondage button on the main menu they’ll be trapped for between one and 60 minutes.

The two Range buttons let you set the scan range the machine will use when searching for potential captives using the Scan button on the main menu.  The up arrow button increases the range by five meters, the down arrow decreases it the same amount.  The minimum range is five meters, maximum is 95.

Save Pos  – like a lot of my more complex devices The Machine has a – stand by for self indulgent back patting – fairly elegant sizing system that allows it to be adjusted to fit the captive.  The Save Pos button lets you save the current prim positions as the default so you needn’t do a lot of re-positioning each time you use it.

The Sounds button lets you completely disable all of the sounds created by The Machine.  This is handy in situations where you have nearby neighbors you don’t want to disturb.

Lastly the Reset button sends a command to all the scripts to perform a reset.  It also reverts The Machine’s prims back to their last saved positions.

See, nice and easy.  Now get out there and kink things up!