The DSS Ball Gag – Access Menu

The Access Menu allows the wearer of the gag to set or remove the Owner and Secondary Owners – as long as the gag is unlocked – and change the Exposure of the gag.

The Owner – if one has been set – can add or remove Secondary Owner and change the Exposure of the gag.

Secondary Owners can only change the gag’s Exposure so they don’t have access to this menu.

Here’s what the menus look like:

bg-Access Menus

Wow that’s a mess of buttons!  But don’t worry, most of them are duplicates:

bg-btn-Add Remove Owner

These buttons are only available to the wearer of the gag, and only when the gag is unlocked.

Add Owner scans the nearby area and presents the wearer with a list of potential owners.  Click a name on the list to make that person the owner of the gag.

Remove Owner only appears if an owner has been set, and naturally clicking it will remove that person from the owner’s list.


bg-btn-Add SecOwner

There are up to six Sec Owner buttons which are available to both the wearer of the gag and – if one it set – the primary owner.  Clicking one of them will scan the immediate vicinity for avatars and display the names in a popup menu.  Click a name to add that person to the secondary owner list.

You’ll notice that when a Secondary Owner has been added that their name will take the place of one of the Sec Owner buttons.  You can easily remove a Secondary Owner by simply clicking their name.

bg-btn-Exposure Toggles the gag’s Exposure from Public – anyone can lock it and change settings, to Private – only the wearer and owners can lock and change settings.
bg-btn-MainMenu Returns you to the main menu.

Next up you can change the way the gag looks with the Appearance Menu, or get straight to the kinky stuff with the Lock Menu.