The DSS Ball Gag – Getting Started

Time to put all that stuff on.  Even if you’re not planning on using the loose gag and/or the No Sparkles HUD let’s put them on for now just to get you familiar with them.

There’s going to be a bit of chatter when you first wear the gag:

DSS Ball Gag: 
 Main: 7290 bytes free.
 Garbler: 8534 bytes free.

Your DSS Ball Gag is up to date.


Or if there’s been an update to the gag you’ll get a notification like this:

A major update to the DSS Ball Gag is available free from the
redelivery terminal in my shop at Orbitalis (52,108,34).

And if you’re wearing it the HUD will also do some talking:

DSS No Sparkles Gag HUD:

The No Sparkle HUD is ready to go. It automatically locks on
your HUD using RLV, but you can unlock it by clicking it 
which will send a message to the HUD switching it back to the 
normal, sparkly chat.

Unless there’s an update you can pretty much ignore these.  They’re just letting you know that everything’s working properly.

Now at long last let’s click on the gag or the loose gag which will bring up what I like to call the Unlocked Menu…