Sky Mark – Settings Menu, part 4

Last up are Use KB, and Chat Settings and Name Photo which work in tandom and take a little background to explain so let’s talk about Use KB first:

Use KB – is one of my favorite bits of cleverness – but again, I would think that. When you check this box and switch the Sky Mark to the minimized mode you can use your keyboard to navigate through the preset pages, and change the sky settings without having to use the mouse. The Page Up and Page Down keys let you step through the preset pages, and Shift plus the Cursor Left and Cursor Right keys let you change the Windlight sky.

Important – Changing Windlight presets can be something of a task for your computer depending on its graphics card, viewer setting, and for all I know the phase of the moon. Until you’re certain how rapidly changing the presets will affect your viewer stability I’d strongly suggest not rapid fire switching using the keyboard. I haven’t built in any sort of throttling system since it’s not a problem for all computers. Just something to keep in mind while you’re working.

Which leaves Chat Settings and Name Photo. The majority of my photos are taken and saved directly to my computer using the Save HiRes Photos To Hard Disk option (Control and `). If I know I’m going to be taking a lot of photos I’ll go ahead and shoot one so I can go ahead and save it thereby setting the save folder on my hard drive, and the name for thephoto. Then each time I use Control ` the images are saved with that name and a number – ExamplePhoto01.png and so on.

Ages ago – well SL ages ago – I created JIRA – FIRE9010 on the Firestorm JIRA – pointing out how swell it would be if, when the viewer was saving the photos to my hard drive that it also embedded useful information such as the location and Windlight settings. Several people said “grand idea Mina” but nothing has come of it so far. I’m boring you with all this so you’ll a) go upvote 9010, and b) to explain the logic behind these two functions.

Photo Name lets you enter a short name – I always use the same name as I use when I save that first photo.

Chat Settings will cause the Sky Mark to send you a chat message with pertinent information – including the Photo Name – each time you change a Windlight preset. This way you’ll have a record of the name, location, date and time, and Windlight preset which you can then save for future reference.  It looks something like this:

Sky Mark: Example Photo Name|Taken:2015-08-13@15:05|Region:Orbitalis|Position:<131.67580, 81.94753, 1001.14400>|slurl:Orbitalis (131,81,1001)|preset:Places Las Legunas

With this it’s a simple matter of saving the information to a note card or text file so you can refer back to it at a later date.

And that just leaves the Apendix.