Sky Mark – Settings Menu, part 3

Now we’re getting into the clever parts that are designed to really simplify the SL photographer’s life.

Well THIS SL photographer’s life at any rate ūüôā
Sky Mark Menu Example

Export¬†– The Sky Mark can store up to 64 Windlight presets at a time. “But Mina” you wail, “what if I have more than 64 presets that I like? ¬†What will I do? ¬†Where will I go” – Well you’ll ask that if you’re Scarlett O’Hara perhaps. Regardless of who you are I’ll reply not with a rakish “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”, but instead with the¬†Export¬†button. If you click it¬†you’ll get a screen full of vaguely gibberish-y information which represents a formatted dump of all of your presets. It will look a little like this except way longer:

Sky Mark: Copy the text between the ===== lines into a note card and give it a descriptive name. Names should be 20 characters or less for best results:
{pagename=Daytime 1}
{preset0=AnaLutetia - AvatarOpt}
{preset1=Phototools- Dream Book Light 03}
{preset2=Phototools- July Light 01}
{preset3=[TOR] MIDDAY - Cheery cyan}
{preset4=[TOR] MIDDAY - Maldives}
{preset5=[TOR] MIDDAY - My noon}
{preset6=[TOR] MIDDAY - Precision blue}

{pagename=Daytime 2}
{preset0=[TOR] MIDDAY - Rebranded skies}
{preset1=(SS) Atmos 12:00 1}
{preset2=Coastal Afternoon}
{preset3=Places Las Legunas}
{preset4=[AnaLu] default1}
{preset5=[EUPHORIA] that day}
{preset6=AA Cozy Interior}

You can copy this gibberish into a note card, give that note card a meaningful name – 20 characters or less to avoid confusion, and then place it in the Sky Mark¬†HUD, then you can…

Import РClick this button to display the Exported notecards that are currently in your Sky Mark . Pick one and a moment later all of the presets are loaded and ready for your use.

Just one more page of settings Рremember I had to write all these scripts THEN type the instructions so, yeah, I know how long it is.  Next up Settings Part 4.