DSS Secret Door

This was a request for a hidden door that – here’s a shocking surprise – got out of hand!

I know, right?  Me?  Getting carried away with a scripting project?  Can you imagine?

Anyway, it’s a door hidden inside a picture frame.  I’m going to write longer and better instructions right after I finish cramming every bit of script I can into it 🙂

For now…

  • Clicking the picture will open the door in a spiffy manner as long as:
    • You’re the owner of the frame.
    • The owner has set the frame to Group Access and you’r in the same group with that group active.
    • The owner has added you to the Operator or Manager list.
  • Clicking and holding the mouse button down for two seconds will present you with the menu as long as:
    • You’re the owner of the frame.
    • The owner of the frame has added you to the Manager list.

The owner of the frame can add images to it simply by editing it and dropping them into the frame’s contents.

NOTE: Texture names have to be 24 characters or less.  This is because of the silly limitations of the llDialog command AKA the blue pop up menu so there’s sadly not much I can do about it – though lord knows I’ve tried.  If you have a texture with a long name please make a copy and rename it to a shorter name before adding the renamed copy to the inventory of the frame.

Like I said, more to come once I actually write it all 🙂