DSS Saddle Stand

I got into a flurry of mesh making and script…  Scripting and here’s one of the results, the DSS Saddle Stand – bad product naming level up!

Let’s get the simple stuff out of the way first, shall we?

Using The DSS Saddle Stand

Like all my gadgets I’ve tried to make the menu system as simple as possible:

If this is your Saddle Stand you’ll see the [Settings] button but I’ll save that for later.  For now you’ve got these options:

{Btn - Scan} Scans the surrounding area for potential captives – that is anyone with an active relay except the person clicking the scan button. For that we have…
{Btn - Self Bondage}

Clicking this will cause the Saddle Stand to try and grab you. If it’s able to do so it will set a random timer and hold you in its not so gentle grasp till then.

And no, of course you can’t see the timer 🙂

{Btn - Close} Exactly what it says.  Clicking this closes the menu and releases the script resources in use.

Once you’ve got a captive the menu options change to something like this:

{Btn - Release} Releases the captive and removes all RLV restrictions.
{Btn - Timer} This opens a secondary menu where you can set a delayed release to free your captive after you’ve made good your escape.
{Btn - Save Pos}

This button is only available to the owner of the Saddle Stand, so if that’s not you you didn’t see this so…  Never mind I guess?

On the other hand if you DO see it, clicking it saves the device’s current adjustments so there’s no need to fiddle with them in the future.

*** Note, this sets the default positions.  The personal settings – which I’ll babble about in a moment, are independent of this.

{Btn - Close} Closes the menu pop up.


The Saddle Stand is one of my tickling toys,  meaning that the little feather on the floor in front of it isn’t just for decoration

If you use your mouse to click and hold on the captive the feather will spring to life and move to where your mouse is.  Move your mouse over the captive and the feather will follow it.  Your captive will squirm and twist, laughing the whole time.  The Saddle Stand even knows the difference between boys and girls and adjusts the laughter appropriately.

I seem to be enjoying it 🙂

Adjusting the Saddle Stand

Here’s where I traditionally point out that 5’9″ – or 173 cm for the metrically inclined – is not short anywhere else in the world but SL, but since the Saddle Stand doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world except SL, and since I build everything around myself, and since my SL self is 5’9″, this is where I explain how to use my resizing system 🙂

Luckily it’s WAY simpler than that last sentence 🙂

Once someone is securely attached to the Saddle Stand you can adjust the various prims by clicking on anything other than the base – clicking the base will activate the Captive Menu – and you’ll get a bunch of arrows:

Click and hold on any of the arrows to adjust that par in that direction.  Easy peasy, right?  The arm bars are linked so that moving one of them in or out moves the matching bar on the other side in or out at the same time.

The captive can also adjust his or her position up and down by pressing the Page Up or Page Down keys on their keyboard.  They can slide forward or back by pressing the cursor up for forward – just like walking – and down for back.

Now here’s another neat thing.  The Saddle Stand will save those changes to an external database that I maintain.  This means that whenever you sit on any Saddle Stand anywhere in SL it will check to see if you’ve ever used one before and if so what adjustments you made, and apply those adjustments to that Saddle Stand automatically.  Anywhere in SL.  Regardless of who owns the it.

Neat huh?

If you’ve changed your shape or want to fine tune some, go ahead.  The Saddle Stand will automatically update the database on its own, you don’t need to do a thing.


Told’ja we’d get here 🙂

{Btn - Access UD} These buttons allow the owner to control who can use the Saddle Stand’s menu.  Access level has no effect on who can be caught by the device, simply who can open the menu to use it.  The options are:

Public  – Anyone can operate the main menu.

Group – Only members of the same group to which the Horsey belongs can operate the main menu.

Owner – meaning only the Saddle Stand’s owner can access the menus.

{Btn - Self Bondage}

You might recall the [Self Bondage] button on the main screen – the one that tries to grab the person clicking it and bind them for a random amount of time? Well the [Self Bondage] button in the [Settings] menu is how you can limit that random amount of time.

Clicking this opens a secondary timer menu which you can use to set the maximum amount of time for the self bondage timer. The actual time will still be randomly set some time between 1 minute and whatever this value is set to.

{Btn - Range UD} Set the maximum range the Saddle Stand will look for potential captives.
{Btn - Save Pos} Saves the current position of all of the prims as the default. When a captive is released, or the [Reset] button is pressed the prims will all return to this position.
{Btn - Reset} Resets all of the scripts in the Saddle Stand.
{Btn - Main} Returns to the main menu.
{Btn - Close} Closes the menu pop up.  I’m nothing if not consistent 🙂