DSS Get Bent

Welcome to FemDom Hunt…  Seven I think.  Is it seven?  Let’s say it’s seven. The hunt runs in SL from 13 through 31 October 2017, so it’s it’s after 1 November…  Hi I guess 🙂

The DSS Get Bent is my gift for the hunt.  It’s also something of a massive departure on the way I script things which means – dammit – all new documentation. The things I put myself through 🙂

So, here’s the Get Bent, so named because if you’re on it, you’re going to get bent. Get it?

Keeping my day job and moving on…

How about a fun Mina fact?  I abhor, I despise, I super ultra mega LOATHE the common SL pop up menu, in SL nerd terms known as llDialog.  I’ve griped about it at no small length to anyone who will listen and lots of people who won’t and with the Get Bent I am at long last doing something about it.

If you click the Get Bent you’ll get…

It actually works much the same way as the hated blue pop up except it’s not blue, and it doesn’t pop up.  And it doesn’t suck!

I really do have unusually strong feelings about those pop ups don’t I 🙂

The main menu changes a bit depending on whether or not there’s a captive on the Get Bent, and who’s doing the clicking.  If this is your personal Get Bent you’ll see:

The functions are mostly self explanatory:


Scans nearby for potential captives. Sadly this is the one area that I’m stuck putting up with the blue pop up menu…

For now – mwah hahh!

  Tries to immediately grab the person who clicks the button.  That’s you!  The Get Bent will set a random release timer – no you can’t see it – and keep you company till then.
  This only shows up if this is your Get Bent.  If so, clicking it opens the Settings menu which I’ll go over in a moment.
  Closes the menu.  It will also close automatically after 30 seconds if you don’t touch it.
  This right here 🙂

Once someone is captured the menu changes up some:

Now there’s a large silhouette with arrows and new buttons and isn’t it exciting? Okay I lead a sheletered SL : )

The upper section lets you adjust the captive’s position using the arrows.

A quick caveat – the menu appears on both sides of the Get Bent and works identically on either side, but dopey Mina forgot that the menu on the right hand side of the device is inverted so it’s got the head at the feet and the feet at the head.  It still works properly, it’s just that visually it seems bass ackwards.  I’m working on a better method for that side.

Ahem, back to explaining…

The buttons now include:

  Let’s the captive up releassing all RLV restrictions imposed by the Get Bent.
  Opens the timer menu so you can set a delayed release.  And yes, the timer menu is also NOT a blue pop up:
[img timer menu]
  As above.
  As above as well.

Thought I’d forgotten that one didn’t you?  This is another fancy improvement to my devices.

Clicking the [Save] button will save the current captive position and the positions of the adjustable prims to an external database.  Once saved the Get Bent will automatically re-position the captive and the movable prims to those saved positions every time they sit or are sat on a Get Bent.

Any Get Bent.  Anywhere in SL.  Owned by anyone.

Clicking [Save] at any time replaces the saved data with the current positions so changes to one’s shape only require a few quick adjustments on any Get Bent, then click [Save] and it’s updated for all of them.


No, I’m not done and recapping things – I’m WAY wordier than that.  Recap is short for recapture which is something that I’ve always relied upon RLV relays to do and which many seem to have stopped doing for some reason.  As a result I’ve added a new system starting wtih the Get Bent that keeps track of the last 15 captives – and if a release timer was set, how much time remains on it.  If a captive logs or somehow slips away the Get Bent will remember that, and the next time they wander into range – assuming it’s not occupied – it will do its level best to grab them back.


I didn’t forget, I promised settings and I’m delivering settings!

Only the owner can use the settings menu which has the following buttons:

  Allows you to choose who can access the main menu of your Get Bent:
Public – meaning anyone can access the main menu.
Group – which is limited solely to group members.
Private which is restricted to the owner only.
  Increases or decreases the range the Get Bent will scan looking for potential captives.  This also controls the distance it looks when searching for people to re-capture.
  That’s a wordy one huh?  Clicking this button actually opens a timer menu where you can set the maximum amount of time someone clicking the Self Bondage button will be held. Note, this is the maximum amount of time.  The actual time will be randomly generated using a window of between 0 and what ever value you set for the Max Self Bondage Time.
  Clicking this button updates the default positions of all of the adjustable prims to their current position.  When the Get Bent is reset it automatically re-positions the prims to their default position.
  Clicking this button returns the adjustable prims to their default positions.
  Clicking this does a full script reset on the Get Bent.
  Opens this help page.
  Closes the menu.

And that’s it!

Since the Get Bent is pretty much 100% new from the ground up, please please please let me know if you run into any problems, something goes pfffpht, or something doesn’t make sense so I can try to correct it.