DSS Silo 42 Main Menu

Main Menu

Now lets get into the meat of the matter and take a look at the main menu while – presumably – no one has been captured.  yet 🙂

Clicking [Scan] starts a scan of nearby avatars. Specifically it’s looking for the nine closest avatars within the scan range specified in Settings, who are active RLV users.  Note: It won’t pick up the person who clicked the scan button.

Once it’s got one or more potential victims you’ll get a menu looking a bit like this:

Clicking this will cause the Silo to do its very best to grab you. Assuming it’s able to do so it will set a random release timer – no you can’t see the timer because where’s the fun in that – and raise itself up into the tube cutting you off from everyone.

Once you’re grabbed you’ll get a pop up like this one:

And the Snug Fit system will start up to give you a chance to adjust the straps before you get stowed away.  Once you’ve got everything set click the [Ready] button to resume your self-bondage-ry 🙂

Exactly what it says.  Clicking this closes the menu and releases the script resources in use.

Once you’ve captured someone the menu will change – oh, unless you’ve captured yourself using the [Self Bondage] system, then you get no menu of course:

{Btn - Release} This will release the current captive. It also does some behind the scenes things like removing that captive from the recapture system, but that’s the main thing.

This… Umm, raises the Silo and imposes vision and isolation restrictions. Depending on whether the captive is using RLV:

or RLVa:they’ll see either a small vision sphere or a screen overlay limiting their view.

{Btn - Timer}

This opens a secondary menu where you can set a delayed release to free your captive after you’ve made good your escape:

Of course once the Silo has been raised things change:

{Btn - Release} If the Silo is up, clicking [Release] lower the Silo, then release the current captive.
This releases the vision and isolation restrictions and lowers the Silo, but does not release the captive.
{Btn - Timer} This opens the Timer menu

There are two isolation levels – both are pretty strict – I mean you’re tightly strapped in a soundproof glass tube, strict seems a given right 🙂

Just sitting or being sat on the Silo restricts all TPs, inventory, viewing notecards, scripts, and textures, blocks editing and rezing, and locks outfits and attachments.

Iso Lvl Comm adds restrictions to IMs and local chat.

Iso Lvl Total restricts IMs and local chat, as well as hiding maps, locations, names, and hover text.

The intercom allows the captive to hear and speak with people outside the Silo. It doesn’t unblock IMs, just local chat. The intercom can be turned off manually, or it will shut off automatically if the person who turned it on leaves the area.

And that takes care of the basics.  If you have access to the Settings Menu I’ll go over that next.