The Recurve

Hi everybody! I’m taking a break from building fancy pony play gear to put a smile and/or grimace on everyone’s face with the new DSS Recurve:Recurve Featured 800

I’ve named it the Recurve because the captive’s back is bent sort of like a recurve bow. I mean if you squint and tilt your head a little…


Okay then, moving on.

Using the Recurve

As always I try to keep it pretty simple. Click the base and you’ll get a menu like this one:Recurve Menu Main

If this is your Recurve you’ll also see a [Settings] button which I’ll cover further down. For now we’ve got:

{Btn - Scan} Scans the surrounding area for potential captives – that is anyone with an active relay except the person clicking the scan button. For that we have…
{Btn - Self Bondage} Normally at this point I say “Don’t click this yet” because this is the “grab the person clicking the button and lock them onto the device for a random and secret amount of time” button, but if you’ve already clicked it it’s too late to warn you and if you haven’t… This is the “grab the person clicking the button and lock them onto the device for a random and secret amount of time” button.
{Btn - Close} Exactly what it says.  Clicking this closes the menu and releases the script resources in use.

Once you’ve got a captive the menu options naturally change:Recurve Menu Captive

{Btn - Release} Releases the captive and removes all RLV restrictions.
{Btn - Timer} This opens a secondary menu where you can set a delayed release to free your captive after you’ve made good your escape.
{Btn - Save Pos}

This button is only available to the owner of the Recurve. Clicking it saves the device’s current adjustments so there’s no need to fiddle with them in the future.

You can also save the position if you’re the captive by pressing both the Page Up and Page Down keys on your keyboard at the same time.

{Btn - Close} Closes the menu pop up.

Adjusting the Recurve

If you’re a returning customer you may be familiar with what I just this instant have decided to call the Mina-mum Paradox. If not, well it turns out that I’m pretty short for SL. Or more accurately, I’m perfect but almost everyone else is too tall. Normally this is only a problem when standing in a crowd and occasionally getting kneed in the face by Giraffe-a-zoids but it’s also an issue when it comes to bondage furniture designed and built using me as the model.

I solved this with my very clever if I do say so myself resizing system which can be used to adjust several aspects of the Recurve. If you click on one of the cuffs you’ll see many, many arrows appear:Recurve Resizer

Clicking an arrow moves the associated parts in that direction.  Some of the parts are paired with their matching parts – the left and right wrist cuffs for example – so that moving the left cuff outwards will also move the right cuff outwards.  Aren’t I the clever one 🙂

Captive Position – The captive can adjust his or her position up and down using the page up and page down keys on their keyboard. He or she can also move forward or backwards using the Cursor Left and Right keys.

You probably also noticed the plus and minus signs over the cuffs:Resizer Closeup

These let you tighten or loosen the cuffs to ensure a snug fit. This is also paired so tightening the left elbow cuff also tightens the right elbow cuff.

Finally your captive can adjust their position up and down by pressing the Page Up or Page Down key on their computer’s keyboard.  They can move forward or backwards with the left and right cursor keys.

If this is your Recurve, you can save the current size and shape as the default using the [Save Pos] button in the settings menu, or if you’re the current captive, by pressing both the Page Up and Page Down keys at the same time.

The Old Shock and Tickle

Once your captive is captivated, parts positioned, and straps snugged it’s play time, and the Recurve gives you a couple of options. One jolly, one not:Recurve Shock & Tickle

You’ll have noticed the feather and shock wand on the floor in front of the Recurve. You can activate one or the other simply by clicking them. Once one has been selected just click on your captive’s body and hold down the mouse button to drag the feather or shock wand across them. If you’re using the feather gales of laughter and struggling will ensue until you release the mouse button letting the feather drift back to the ground.

The shock wand works a little differently – it still follows your mouse as it moves over your captive’s body, but it won’t do anything until you release the mouse button, delivering a shock complete with sparks, squirms and shrieks. Click and hold the mouse button to keep dragging the shock wand over your captive, or wait a few seconds and it will fall to the ground until you’re ready to play again.


See? I told you I’d go into this further down and here we are, further down 🙂Recurve Settings Menu 2

{Btn - Access UD} These buttons allow the owner to control who can use the Recurve’s menu.  Access level has no effect on who can be caught by the device, simply who can open the menu to use it.  The options are PublicGroup – meaning active members of the same group to which the Recurve belongs, or Owner – meaning only the device’s owner can access the menus.
{Btn - Range UD} Set the maximum range the Recurve will look for potential captives.
btn - Volume


Increase or decrease the volume of the captive’s laughter / yelps.

{Btn - Save Pos} Saves the current position of all of the prims as the default.  When a captive is released, or the [Reset] button is pressed the prims will all return to this position.
{Btn - Self Bondage}

You might recall the [Self Bondage] button on the main screen – the one that tries to grab the person clicking it and bind them for a random amount of time?  Well the [Self Bondage] button in the [Settings] menu is how you can limit that random amount of time.

Clicking this opens a secondary timer menu which you can use to set the maximum amount of time for the self bondage timer.  The actual time will still be randomly set some time between 1 minute and whatever this value is set to.

{Btn - Reset} Resets all of the scripts in the Recurve.
{Btn - Main} Returns to the main menu.
BTN - Textures Opens the Texture menu which allows you to change the colors of the back pad and cuffs.
{Btn - Close} Closes the menu pop up.  I’m nothing if not consistent 🙂