Strappado Stand

So show of hands, who’s seen any of the amazing videos produced by Device Bondage? If you haven’t – and you’re reading this and therefore presumably at least a little on the kinky side – you’re in for a double treat since you should finish reading this and then immediately go visit their web site.

The rest of you who already know about DB are just in for one treat – sorry ūüôā

Device Bondage produces fetish videos where the bondage is accomplished not with ropes and cuffs, but with pipes and clamps. Sort of a fascinating mash up of a plumber and the Marquis de Sade. The videos are gorgeous and imaginative and sweet merciful Odin some of those girls are flexible… Like Elasti-Girl flexible ūüôā

I mention Device Bondage because… Well, I’ve been busy:

ClangLook what I made!  Pipes!  And Clamps!

Full disclosure, the pipes were pretty easy ūüôā

Wait wait! ¬†Don’t close this tab! ¬†There’s more!

See, once I made the pipes and clamps I could then make things with them:
SS for P+C DocsAhh, see, now we’re talking ūüôā

Believe it or not the two pictures are of the same thing. ¬†After hours of meticulously lining up all those prims it was kind of cathartic fun to turn it physical and unlink them all ūüôā

Like a lot of my projects this started as something for my Deviant Art page (it’s tagged mature so you’ll need a free DA account), but instead of building a specific device for the photo I built parts which in turn could be used to build all sorts of things.

As I mentioned the pipes were easy. ¬†The clamps on the other hand, not so much. ¬†The final result is a mesh object that’s about .65 LI, but it started out as 14 individual pieces. ¬†I went really long on detail because I wanted it to show up in photos.

So the upside Рgreat visual detail and very flexible.  Yay!

The downside… ¬†Primmy – Wait, do we still say “primmy” or is it “land impact-y” now? ¬†Either way the Strapless Strappado is 28 LI in its finished form. ¬†Pre-meshing I think it would be on the order of 400 maybe 410 LI so I like to think we’re still getting off light ūüôā

Now I bet you want to know how to use all those prims, right? ¬†Well you’ve come to the right place:

Setting Up The Strappado Stand

Setup is pretty simple.  There are really only three settings.  Start by rezing the device and clicking on it.  You should get a menu similar to this one:SS-SettingsMenu

The two buttons labelled Access raise or lower the access settings from Public Рanyone can use the device, to Group Рonly active group members can use the device, to Private Рonly you can use it.  Oh the Access settings only apply to using the menu.  Anyone with RLV and a relay can be grabbed regardless of the Access setting.

The two¬†Range buttons set the range the device will look for vict – err, I mean… ¬†Wait, victims is what I meant ūüôā

Each click will raise or lower the search range by five meters up to a maximum of 90 meters.

The¬†Self Bondage button doesn’t actually tie you up – at least the one in the Settings menu doesn’t. ¬†Instead it pops up a new menu:SS-SelfBondageTimerMenu

From here you can set the maximum amount of time the random self bondage timer will use as an upper limit.  As you can probably guess the buttons labelled 10 Min increase or decrease the total by 10 minutes.  1 Hr by an hour, and 8 Hr by eight hours.

Told you it was pretty simple. ¬†Now that you’re all set up let’s learn about:

Using The Strappado Stand

Also pretty simple. ¬†My feelings on what a bondage device should do are tied pretty closely to what it looks like. ¬†The Strappado Stand up there looks like it ought to keep its occupant pretty much exactly where they are and so that’s what it does. ¬†It grabs its victim and keeps them there. ¬†No muting, no hiding place names. ¬†Just grab and hold. ¬†In addition to my obsessive logical reasoning I do have a practical reason as well. ¬†The person on the device is wearing a relay which permits others to do just about anything they want. ¬†She (or he) is more than likely also wearing a collar-like device which also can do everything that even the most enthusiastic RLV fan could want.

If I add all that to my devices that’s potentially three different instances of the exact same functionality, two of which are doing nothing but using up precious precious script resources.

And also it’s way less typing for me ūüôā

So back to using the Strappado Stand. ¬†Go ahead and give it a click. ¬†Assuming you’ve got access you should get a menu like this:SS-MainMenu

See, simple. ¬†Before you do anything¬†don’t click the Self Bondage button!¬† It really does try to do exactly what it says on the button and if you’re using RLV and wearing a relay then you’ll be – err – tied up for some random amount of time.

The¬†Scan button also does exactly what it says. ¬†It checks the surrounding area for anyone with an active relay. ¬†It won’t detect the person working the menu – that’s what the¬†Self Bondage¬†button is for ūüôā

Once the¬†Scan¬†has completed – about five seconds in most cases, and assuming that there’s a potential victim in range, a new menu will pop up with the names of the nine closet potential victims. ¬†Pick one and let the fun commence ūüôāSS-ScanMenu

A quick change of perspective and a discourse on why everyone in SL is too tall except for me. ¬†When I build these gadgets I’m using my normal sized self as the model. ¬†My normal sized self is just that – normal size at 1.7 meters barefoot. ¬†This means that when pretty much anyone else in SL uses them my devices are a little… ¬†Cramped.

So I include an easy to use resizing system. ¬†When anyone sits or better yet is forced onto one of my devices they’ll receive an IM letting them know that they can adjust the device to better fit them.

The page up and down keys will raise and lower the entire arm frame assembly.

The left and right cursor keys will slide the chin bar in and out.

The cursor up and down keys will raise or lower the avatar themselves.

Once your captive is all secured the menu switches to something like this:


Release will release them at once and reset the device so it’s ready for the next victim.

Timer allows you to set a timed release.

And that pretty well covers it. ¬†I hope you enjoy the Strappado Stand and keep an eye out (ewww, what an unsettling phrase if you stop to think about it a moment) for more pipe-y gadgets ūüôā

If you have any questions or need any help please feel free to drop me an IM in SL. ¬†If you’d like to check out a demo of the Strappado Stand click here to visit my shop in SL.

Thanks again!