The DSS Ball Gag

So the other day Mistress said “Oh I’d like a new gag for Pet” – yes that’s the sort of people we are 🙂

Naturally I sprang into action, and since I’ve been flirting with the idea of my own restraints for a while it seemed a perfect opportunity to prod myself into getting started, so here’s my first entry, the DSS Ball Gag:DSS Ball Gag - Gagged 800 x 600

Yes, it WAS a windy day 🙂

This one skirts my “don’t make things that already exist” rule a bit because there are lots of very nice ball gags out there in SL already, but I managed to “Mina it up” a bit with the following atypical features which I henceforth dub as “Mina-isms”:

Muffled gag sounds – yes actual sounds – in addition to the garbled text we’re used to.  The gag can detect the wearer’s gender and of course being all about equal opportunity kinkiness here at the lab, it’s equipped with female and male sound effects.  Yes boys like to get gagged too 🙂

Smart emoting – The gag can mix ungarbled emote text with garbled speech in a single emote line simply by enclosing the non-emote sections in quotation marks.

No Sparkles – This may be my favorite part.  By wearing a tiny optional HUD you can eliminate the loathsome cloud of script sparkles that appear around you when you speak with most gags.

Translation Mode – When active this sends a private clear text copy of what you’ve said to the key holder as well as anyone on the owner’s list as long as they’re within chat range when you speak.

Built in support for the Real Restraints Happy Spanker, so when you’re gagged and get spanked you’ll emit the properly muffled squeal.

I think that the menus are pretty easy to follow, but of course I wrote them so they pretty much have to be easy for me to follow, so there follows a lengthy bit of documentation that most SL kinksters can breeze right by, but me being me I couldn’t not write it no matter how I tried.

But I did break things up into smaller pages which can be accessed sequentially using the links at the bottom of each page, or contextually from the menu popups on the gag itself.  That means that clicking the help link on the Access menu popup in world will send you to the Access menu help page here on the web site.

Spiffy huh?

So with that said, on to the next page…