Bent Over Backwards

So… If you’re familiar with my work you know that I’m a big fan of “slow and steady”. I frequently tell people that my production schedule is on a par with a glacier going up a steep hill. In July.  I am here to confess friends and neighbors that I can be a little on the slow side.

That’s what makes this particularly shiny bit of kinkiness unusual. I saw a drawing on Deviant Art which gave me the initial idea, built all the meshes, did all the animations, and got it scripted and to a working beta state in about 10 hours. Heck I’ve spent more time writing these instructions than I did building it 🙂

Yeah I’m pretty impressed with myself too – but don’t get to thinking that this is the new normal for Mina 🙂

And, full disclosure, I’d just finished another project – The Machine – last week and have really improved the modularity of my scripts which helped a lot.

But enough of the back pattery, you’re hear to learn about my Bent Over Backwards – or BOB for short.Bob Glam Ticking 1 800

Like most of my RLV gadgets BOB features a pretty simple menu system:BOB Main Menu

If this happens to be your BOB you’ll also have an option for Settings but I’ll cover that in a minute. For now you’ve got:

Scan Which scans for nearby RLV users for your evil pleasure.

Self-Bondage Don’t click that – assuming you haven’t already that is. The Self-Bondage button will attempt to grab the person who clicked it and lock them on the device, then set a random timer. It’s oh so effective 🙂

Close Simply closes the menu. It’s a tiny bit more efficient than the [Ignore] button but works pretty much the same way.

My long term customers may notice that the Help button has been replaced with a link in the upper half of the menu pop up. Either way it leads here 🙂

Now that you’re up to speed on BOB’s minimal menu let’s see what other fun can be had with it.

Did you notice that feather casually dropped next to BOB? That’s right Knismolagnia fans – Google it, I had to 🙂 – BOB is a new tickle toy. Simply click and hold your mouse anywhere on your captive’s body and the feather will spring to life. Keep the mouse button down and drag if over them and the feather will follow. Your captive will howl and squirm with laughter until you stop and the feather drops back to the floor.Tickling Animation 500 x 300 w Text

Cool right?  Of course I’m equally impressed I was able to record the GIF you’re looking at – you can even see the shadow of the feather as it moves if you look closely enough.

Damn I’m easily impressed:)

I always go to great lengths to explain how I’m the exact perfect size but how everyone else is too big blah blah blah, Mina drones on like Mina does. The upshot of this is that most of my gadgets have a really fancy size adjuster system built into them so that you can tailor them to fit just about anyone. No promises for nanos or brontosaurus’ but the typical SL avatar should manage.

To activate the resizer just click here:BOB w Arrow for Adjusters

And suddenly you’ll have arrows! Lots and lots of arrows!BOB w Adjuster Arrows

The up and down arrows move the lower frame up and down. The two pairs of side to side arrows adjust the positions of the arm and leg portions of the frame either in or out.

Once you’re happy with the size just stop clicking and after a few seconds the arrows will vanish again.

Your captive can also adjust his or her – that’s right, I make my toys for girls AND boys – position up and down with the page up / page down keys on their keyboard. They can adjust their horizontal position with the cursor up and down keys.

And speaking of adjusting, let’s look at that Settings button I mentioned earlier:BOB Settings Menu

In keeping with my tradition of starting this section out by saying “In keeping with my tradition”, I’ll start out with:

Access – These two buttons let you raise or lower the access level for the main menu.  The options are Public – meaning anyone can use the menu; Group – meaning that active group members can use it, and Private – meaning only the owner can open the menu.

Note, the Access settings only effect the menu.  Anyone using RLV and a relay can be captured regardless of the Access setting.

Self-Bondage – Ahh the sort of complicated one.  You may recall that there’s a Self-Bondage button on the main menu which, when clicked, will try to grab the person who clicked it and lock them on the BOB for a random amount of time? This Self-Bondage button allows you to set the maximum amount of time for that timer.  In the example above it’s set to 5 minutes meaning anyone clicking the Self-Bondage button on the main menu will get grabbed for between one and five minutes.

Range – This allows you to set the range the BOB will scan when looking for potential victims.  The minimum range is 5 meters and the maximum is 95.  The up and down arrows increase and decrease it by five meters per click.

SavePos – Even with my oh so fancy resizing system it can get a little repetitive changing the size of your BOB each time you use it.  The SavePos button simply saves the current prim positions as the default so any time the device is reset, or when a captive is released it reverts back to this size.  The captive can also save the positions by pressing both the page up and page down buttons.

Sounds – This is a simple on off switch to disable the laughter sound effects. Mainly for use in smaller residences where a nearby neighbor might be disturbed by the gales of laughter coming from your home :).

Reset – It wouldn’t be SL if something didn’t go kerflooie now and then so the Reset button resets the scripts and returns the BOB to its last saved size.

And that’s pretty much that.  You can find a BOB of your own at my shop in Orbitalis, or my Marketplace Shop.  If you have any questions you can click IM Mina in Second Life.