Nudar HUD Red


Where’s Waldo…  With My Pants?

So I wrote an odd little thing for a friend this afternoon – That’s right it’s not one of my typically over complicated gadgets.  In fact it’s dead simple.  I’m sure you have questions so fire away.

“What is that thing?”

Nudar locks all clothing and attachment layers and keeps them locked until the right person is within 10 meters for 10 seconds or so.  It’s sort of like “Where’s Waldo with my pants?”

“So you mean if I put this on and take off my clothes I can’t put them back on again until the right person is standing next to me?”

Wow… Is it possible I’ve written something so clearly that I don’t have to write my typical War And Peace length documentation?

That’s exactly what it does.

“But Mina, why would you write such a thing?”

My friend and semi-regular tormentor Tania mentioned in IM that she’d instructed a current tormentee that they were to remain nude until the next time that they saw her, and I piped up “oh that would be an easy script to write”.

Silly, silly Mina 🙂

Tania gave me 20 minutes and I had the basics almost ready when she had to log so I had enough time to spiff things up a bit.

“I bet it’s hard to configure.  Is it hard to configure?  I bet it is”

Nope, it’s both easy and peasy. I wanted this to be super simple so there’s no configuration, no menus, nothing. Just do the following and you’ll be stuck wearing whatever you’re wearing – or not wearing, now:

  • First get as dressed or as undressed as you want to be.
  • If you’re not already wearing it, put on the Nudar HUD, but don’t click it!
  • Here’s the trickiest part of the whole thing. Ask the person you want to be the one who unlocks your clothing to create a note card and rename it with their name, then give it to you. Grueling huh?
  • Edit your Nudar HUD and delete any note cards that are already in there, then copy the new note card into it.

And it’s configured.


Yep, would I lie?  Now all you have to do is wait for your “Waldo” to leave and click the HUD and your wardrobe selection worries are
over. At least until you find the right person.

Oh and in case you’re thinking “I can just log in without RLV” – well, you’re right, but the Nudar HUD will squeal on you 🙂

“So there’s no way out?”

Welllll… There might be a secret way out but you’ll have to ask my sister/test alt Winifred Hinchcliffe but she’s at times slow to respond and can be mean spirited.

And that’s Nudar.  It’s free and set to copy / trans so you can hand it out to pretty much anyone.

Oh and one sneaky last word for those of you who stuck with me all the way to the end.  The Nudar HUD reads the creator key of the note card that gets dropped into its inventory and that’s who it will be looking for.  The name on the note card is meaningless.

Ain’t I a stinker?