En Repose Owner’s Manual

Yay it’s another incomprehensibly named but nonetheless awesome bondage toy from Mina!

Like all of my other gear, En Repose strives to be as simple to set up and use as possible. You can just rez it and get straight down to business if you like, but if you want to make some adjustments – and because I apparently can’t help myself from writing these instruction pages – here’s how.

Assuming you’re the owner, you’ll get a main menu that looks something like this when you click your En Repose:

En Repose Owner Main Menu

The Scan and Self Bondage buttons are covered in the Opertor’s Manual, so let’s go straight to Settings:

En Repose Owner Settings MenuStarting at the start are the Access buttons. These control menu access for your En Repose. There are three levels:

Public meaning anyone can use it.

Group, meaning only members of the same group, wearing their group tag can use it.

Private meaning only you can use it.

Note, by “use it” I mean use the menu system. Anyone wearing a relay can be captured.

The Resize button enables or disabled the resize system. As you can imagine from looking at it, the En Repose won’t always fit its captive perfectly, so there’s a comprehensive resizing system built into it. Think of the Resize button as a sort of lock which keeps the device from being resized once you’ve got it just the way you like it.

The Range buttons control how far En Repose will scan when looking for potential captives. The minimum range is 5 meters, the maximum is 90, and each click increases or decreases the range by 5 meters.

En Repose is Xcite enabled meaning that if your captive is also Xcite enabled he or she will have an extra good time. If you prefer not to use the Xcite function simply un-check the Xcite button.

Like all of my toys, En Repose has a self bondage mode. This lets the menu operator trap themselves using the Self Bondage button on the main menu, and sets a random release timer. The Self Bondage button here in the Settings menu allows you to set the maximum amount of time the random release timer can set itself for. Keep in mind it’s a random timer so the actual amount of time could be between 1 minute and whatever maximum you set.

The Save Size button allows you to reset the default size of the En Repose. Then when you click the Reset button the device will automatically return to your preferred size.

The Reset button will reset the scripts in the En Repose as well as returning it to the last saved size.

And that’s it. If you have any questions or run into any problems please drop me a note or IM in SL.