En Repose Operator’s Manual

Hi and welcome to another typical Mina overly wordy web page. Hey everyone needs a hobby, right?

The En Repose is a simple to use (I hope) RLV bondage device for Second Life. Hopefully you’re standing in front of one right now so let’s plunge in.

En Repose User Main Menu

The main menu is pretty sparse looking, just the two buttons plus Help and Ignore. Let’s do things a little out of order and start with the second one first.

The Self Bondage button is a way of letting someone tie themselves up when there’s not an evil tormentor handy.  Bunch of slackers đŸ™‚

Clicking it will cause the device to try to grab you – you’ll have to be using RLV and wearing a relay of course, lock you in place, and set a random release timer. Take care because it works really, really well, so if you do happen to click it now there’s every chance you’ll be stuck for a while đŸ™‚

The Scan button does just about exactly what you’d think it does. It looks for RLV equipped avatars in the area and presents you with a list of potential captives. Click the name to try and grab the captive.

En Repose Scan Menu

Now that you’ve got ’em what do you do with ’em (or yourself if you’re using the Self Bondage button)?

What To Do With ‘Em – Part I

Say… Did you notice that great big feather down on the floor there… Why, I wonder what THAT could be for?

Yep, the En Repose is another one of my animated toys. If you’re not familiar with them, these are devices have a difficult to explain but amazingly entertaining extra built in. Simply click anywhere on your captive and hold down the mouse button, then drag the mouse around. The feather will follow your mouse pointer like an eager puppy, and your captive will howl and squirm with laughter.

en Repose Feather

Release the mouse button and the feather floats back to the floor.

See, I was right when I said amazingly entertaining wasn’t I đŸ™‚

What To Do With ‘Em – Part II

I build all of my bondage gear using myself as the initial model. Naturally I know that I’m exquisitely sized, but sadly the rest of SL simply believes that I’m short. As a result you might encounter things like this:

En Repose Adjusters 01

Look at the pipe not my boobs.  Notice how it’s sort of dug into my chest.

The En Repose has the latest and (until I start tinkering again) greatest sizing system from the mind of Mina. You may have noticed the two buttons on the right hand side of the wooden beam.

En Repose Adjuster Button

If you haven’t already done so click the green button. Assuming the owner hasn’t disabled the resizing system you should see a bunch of green and blue arrows blossom from the En Repose:En Repose Adjusters 02

Clicking one or the other of those arrows moves the associated parts in that direction, so clicking the blue arrow will slide the pipe (that you’re not really looking at because my boobs are right above it) out some so that it’s no longer half embedded in my chest.

En Repose Adjusters 03Click the red button to hide the resizer arrows, or wait a moment and they will vanish automatically on their own.


What To Do With ‘Em – Part III

And finally there are a couple of menu options that you can access by clicking on the En Repose itself – instead of the captive or the various resizer buttons and arrows.En Repose Captive Menu

Release does exactly as it says on the tin. Click it to release the captive.

The Timer button lets you set a delayed release so you can make your escape while your captive cools his or her heels.

And that’s pretty much it for En Repose. If you’d like to pick up one of your own you can visit my shop in Second Life or on the Market Place.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me an IM or notecard in SL.

Thanks and have fun!