Special thanks to Valelett Exonar for the original idea and Aspire Rang for helping me wrap my head around the many many bits of rotational math – or as I like to call them, “fiery bits of hell burning away at my very soul” – involved in making the Rota-Bed rota 🙂

In keeping with my tradition of epically meh product names may I present the DSS Rota-Bed.  If you haven’t guessed it’s a bed…


That rotates…


A lot…


Okay and perhaps a few other things as well – cause it wouldn’t be me otherwise 🙂

A quick caveat – due to the complex math that I just barely understand myself the Rota Bed can’t be resized.  If it detects a resize edit it will automatically revert to its default size.

As you can imagine from the photos above a big component of the Rota-Bed is its adjustability so let’s cover that first, then dive into the menus. 

There are five different physical adjustments that can be made, three to the bed itself, and two to the straps.  Let’s start with the “big” adjustments first.  If you look at the Rota-Bed’s control panel you’ll see two curved arrows – one blue and one green:

RB Control Panel FinalThe blue arrow controls “roll” – that is rotation on the left / right axis.  The green arrow controls “pitch” – rotation along the up / down axis.  To rotate the bed and its occupant simply click the arrow head pointing in that direction.

You can stretch or shrink the bed itself by clicking the icons at the top and bottom of the control panel.  This will only change the size of the bed platform and nothing else.  My keen eyed readers will notice that the control panel close up doesn’t match the larger images which don’t have the two resize buttons.  Much like Michael Corleone “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in”.  I just keep adding things to this 🙂

To reset the bed back to the horizontal position without moving the straps from their current positions or returning the bed platform to its original size simply click the image of the Rota-Bed between the arrows.

That’s the “big” adjustments out of the way, now for the small ones.  You might not be able to tell from the above photos but for SL I’m on the wee side – a mere 5′ 10″ when these photos were taken.  This creates a constant series of issues since in addition to all of the building and scripting for my gadgets I’m also the sizing mannequin which means that, while it’s always a perfect fit for me, all the rest of you are out of luck – well unless you wisely copied my shape 🙂

The Rota-Bed has been the biggest sizing challenge I’ve run into because of the five restraint straps which have to deal with not only avatars of differing heights, but also less obvious shape differences.  You may not realize this but boy avatars are missing some bumpy parts 🙂

If you take a close look at the left hand edge of the bed – the edge closest to the control panel – you’ll see that the strap mounts have a group of arrows on them:

RB-Strap Adjuster

These arrows control the strap.  Each strap is independent of the others so you can adjust each as you wish.

“But Mina” you’re probably asking – “how do I adjust them?”

I’m glad you asked – cause otherwise all this typing I’m doing would be a waste of time 🙂

There are four arrows – orange and blue which control the position of that strap, and red and green which control the tightness.  To adjust them simply click on the arrow you wish to adjust and hold your mouse button down.

See it’s both easy AND peasy 🙂

You may have also noticed three buttons on the side of the control panel labelled Thermal, Electrical, and Neuro-Erotic.  The Rota-Bed just wouldn’t be one of my devices if it didn’t have a little extra evil built in – how could I call myself “diabolical” otherwise, right?  Clicking the buttons turns the associated function on or off.  In addition to the visual and audio effects all three are wired into the Rota-Bed’s Xcite system.  That means that if your victim is wearing their Xcite parts and happens to enjoy electric play they’ll get an extra… Umm..  Jolt out of it 🙂

Neuro-erotic – note the hyphen which clearly separates neuro-erotic from just plain old neurotic – amps up the captive’s arousal considerably when they’re wearing their Xcite tackle.  Oh and if the captive is wearing their Xcite bits, a small “arous-o-meter” will appear at the bottom of the control panel so you’ll know when to dial things up and down 🙂

That covers most of the unique functions of the Rota Bed so let’s quickly touch on the “normal” (for me) functions. 

Like all my other RLV traps the Rota Bed sticks with a fairly simple menu system.  Clicking on in the bed itself – anywhere other than the control panel or one of the strap adjustment arrows – will bring up the main menu:

RB-Main Menu

If you’re the owner of the bed you’ll also have a Settings button which we’ll cover in a moment.  For now there are three options.

Help – which is what you’re reading now.

Scan – which lets you look for potential captives.

Self Bondage – which will try to grab you.  Note, that clicking the Self Bondage button doesn’t open another menu, it just tries to make the grab.  If it’s successful in snagging you it will set a random hidden timer and there you’ll stay till it expires or someone else releases you.

Once someone – someone other than you that is – is captured the menu changes to:

RB-Captive Menu

Again fairly straight forward.

Release – As you can guess, this will release the captive right away.

Timer – This opens another menu that lets you set a delayed release so you can make a safe getaway.

If you’re the owner of this particular Rota Bed you also have a Settings button which opens a menu similar to this one:Rota-Bed v2 Settings Menu

Starting at the start we have:

Access – These buttons let you select who can access the menus of your Rota bed.  The options are Public, Group Only, and Private – meaning you and you alone can access the menus.  Note this only effects who can use the menus.  Anyone with RLV and a relay can be captured.

Xcite – The Rota Bed is Xcite compatible.  This button simply disables or enables the Xcite system.  Note, if the captive isn’t using Xcite there’s no need to disable it, the Rota Bed will automatically recognize it and adjust its performance.  This switch allows you to completely disable the Xcite system if so desired.

Range – These buttons allow you to set the scan range in five meter increments between 5 and 95 meters.

Stocks – This was added starting in v2.0.0.  Toggling this option on and off turns the foot stocks on and off.

Self Bondage – This allows you to set an upper limit on the random timer that’s set when someone clicks the Self Bondage button from the main menu.  Keep in mind that the value you set is the maximum amount of time.  The actual amount will be between one minute and whatever you set, or as we in the bondage scripting biz like to say “random” 🙂

Save Size – The first thing to know about this is that the button will vanish when the bed has been rotated.  Clicking it will save the current positions of the straps, and when the bed has been rotated that becomes a tricky proposition. 

Reset – This returns the straps to the last saved position and resets the scripts.

And that’s the DSS Rota Bed.  If you’d like to see one in person I have a demo set up in my shop in Orbitalis or on the SL Marketplace.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a note.