Sky Mark Windlight Manager

No longer available

With the introduction of EEP and changes to the way Windlight
and RLVa interact with environmental settings the Sky Mark
stopped working.  I’m not entirely certain exactly what about
the changes broke it, and since the Sky Mark was one of – in my
opinion at least – my best projects, I’m a little broke over it too 🙂

I’m not deleting the rather lengthy instructions in case I some
day do figure it out.  The instructions are lengthy and took a
long while to write, so despite the fact that the Sky Mark no
longer exists, this will always be here as a memorial.

Well…  As long as I keep paying the hosting fees 🙂

Sky Mark Windlight Manager


“RLV! It’s not just for kinky people any more!”

Huge amounts of thanks to George E. Tungsten (Georgie Blindeside) for stumbling over the original instructions for version one of the Sky Mark and badger-pestering me into finishing it off, Princess Kitty (Taraa Destiny) for her invaluable testing help, and Em Sveiss (Ed Debevec) for going over this page with a fine tooth comb and spotting my typical bushel-load of errors.

Did you know that the standard installation of the Firestorm viewer includes 742 different Windlight presets?

If you’re a SL photographer you may have suspected that, heck you may have suspected that there are more. In addition to the somewhat overwhelming number of presets, many of them have names that lack a descriptive element. Seriously, can anyone guess what color the sky is when you select “Creepy Pyri” or “Incongruent Truths”? The names certainly don’t help out, so – if you’re like me, you had a note card or scrap of paper with a poorly organized list of Windlight presets.

And if you’re really like me you decided that such a list simply wouldn’t do and created a fancy schmancy HUD to manage your favorite Windlight presets.Sky Mark HUD Example on Alpha

Think of it as a way to bookmark your sky…  Oh say, that’s catchy!  Hello tag line.

Before I dive into how to use the Sky Mark a quick disclaimer. This HUD requires that you be using a RLV enabled viewer. There’s a detailed explanation of RLV for people who normally don’t use RLV as well as instructions on how to set it up here.

If RLV is a no go for you then now is the time to bail unless you just enjoy reading my timeless prose – stop laughing, someone might!

There’s absolutely no way to do what the Sky Mark does without RLV at this time.

Still with me? Then let the instructioneering commence!

Sky Mark Navigation.